Search EVERYTHING with one click: Books and brochures, own texts, documents of a team, discussions, notes. And all with reference to your current project. In 0.1 sec you will find exactly those pages out of hundreds of thousands that could matter to you.



Each document has its own workspace, with everything you need. Writing texts, notes, comments, research, team chat, team management, etc. Good because

  1. there is no confusion when you work on several topics at the same time,
  2. everything is exactly in place when you get back to a document.


Each space has its own communication channel. For comments, questions, discussions, suggestions. The team channel ends the flood of e-mails, facilitates cooperation and automatically brings order to daily communication. And with a keyword search you can find every article or entry even after years.



Chapters are separate sections in a document. They help to structure longer texts or to create collections with several texts on a main topic. Great for group work, collaboration on a project or book project. Mighty, because chapter

  1. help with structure and clarity,
  2. allow parallel work in a document,
  3. allow a document to grow in several parts at the same time,
  4. the order can be shifted as desired.


On TEXTL you can connect with other members, e.g. by discovering people with the same interests while researching. You can also use the project spaces for closed discussion groups (with any number of sub-topics).


Just install TEXTL Drive

Works similar to Dropbox: The automatically created folders are synchronized with your projects in TEXTL. This allows you to import Office and PDF files in batches to use for your research (the files are synchronized in both directions). Unpack and install after download. Login with login address and password (as for TEXTL itself).


Textl Drive

Free as long as you want

TEXTL is free with all essential features and any size of personal network. You can create any number of documents, work with any number of colleagues, friends or seminar participants, publish any number of articles, import any number of sources - everything is free up to 0,2 GB disk space.

We incur costs due to usage intensity, storage space and development. That's why we offer 3 upgrade levels in addition to Free. With PLUS you get ten times as much storage space as well as two additional semantic search functions for only 1,25 Euro per month (15,- € year).

Further features and tools are planned. These include in particular an app for Android and iOS, which makes important functions available for mobile and can also be used as a messenger, as well as tools for the analysis of texts.